Read this if you…

Een uitgebreide gids over hoe je foto’s kunt maken met professionele technieken, met mooie beelden van 50 fotografie experts.

Dit boek is Engels geschreven.

A comprehensive guide to how to take photographs using professional techniques, featuring insightful images from 50 photography masters.


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Photography is now more popular than ever thanks to the rapid development of digital cameras. ‘Read This if You Want to Take Great Photographs’ is ideal for this new wave of snapshooters using DSLR, compact system and bridge cameras. It contains no graphs, no techie diagrams and no camera-club jargon. Instead, it inspires readers through iconic images and playful copy, packed with hands-on tips. Split into five sections, the book covers composition, exposure, light, lenses and the art of seeing. Masterpieces by acclaimed photographers – including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sebastião Salgado, Fay Godwin, Nadav Kander, Daido Moriyama and Martin Parr – serve to illustrate points and encourage readers to try out new ideas. Today’s aspiring photographers want immediacy and see photography as an affordable way of expressing themselves quickly and creatively. This handbook meets their needs, teaching them how to take photographs using professional techniques.

Auteur: Henry Carroll
Taal: Engels
Soort: Paperback
Formaat: 200×144
Aantal pagina’s: 128
Geschikt voor: Iedereen

Afmetingen 20 × 14.4 cm